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PTI Release First Digital E-Journal

PTI Release First Digital E-Journal

PTI is proud to launch its first ever digital e-Journal equipped with exclusive video optimized papers.

The edition marks the beginning of a new era for PTI, and publishing within the maritime sector in general, as readers can now access a raft of content that is built into technical papers. 

Such content in the papers in Edition 81 includes prevalent video and pertinent links to prior author papers, news, developments in the industry and relevant supplier pages.

Read: Edition 81: Terminal Automation Design

PTI Editor Richard Joy said: “We’re delighted to launch this new initiative which forms part of our wider new editorial framework.

“The goal is to provide a deeply interactive, enjoyable and informative experience for our audience by providing the most comprehensive service possible.” 


Click on the Edition 81 front cover to access the journal


Edition 81 is focussed on terminal automation design, offering a new spin on a central area of contemporary port operations, and allowing issue 81’s highly esteemed contributors a creative license to discuss terminal automation from a unique standpoint.

PTI would also like to thank the TBA team for delivering a fantastic front cover for this special issue, the founder of which, Dr Yvo Saanen, authored a paper for the issue and articulates four key terminal systems that can improve efficiency in the video below:



Joy added: “Given the unique nature of ports and terminals, when automation is implemented in a given terminal, it is usually in such a bespoke manner that it proves to be tricky to apply the same scenario to another terminal that is looking into automating processes.

“Therefore, this edition looks to hurdle that issue by exploring terminal automation design from a more expansive, open standpoint.

“The aim is for this to imbue our readers with a general sense of optimum performance with regard to automation in terminals.”

Another key facet of the optimized Edition 81 is the ability to 'click-through' advertisments. 

This allows our audience to review, in detail, our upcoming CTAC 2019 event and explore the key topics and speakers. 

PTI would also like to thank the TBA team for delivering a fantastic front cover for this special issue.

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