PTI Releases Edition 82!

 21 Feb 2019 02.07pm

PTI has released its 82nd Edition in the form of an optimized e-Journal, the issue has a focus on the burgeoning trend of port-centric logistics with papers from an array of experts, including DP World and Gulftainer.

View Edition 82: Port-Centric Logistics

PTI has begun 2019 by implementing its new editorial structure in which an edition is published each month.

Ten of the aforementioned editions are optimized e-Journals – these are not published in print but via PTI’s digital channels, and each is ‘optimized’, meaning papers are linked to relevant web pages, video, and other key technical papers.

In order to maintain PTI’s flagship offering, the print edition is published twice a year, in April (in time for PTI’s CTAC event) and in September (in the for PTI’s Smart Ports event).

Edition 82 focuses on port-centric logistics, a field that has become increasingly referenced in an age of end-to-end supply chains and digital, interacting ports.

PTI Editor Richard Joy said: “Port-centric logistics is a field that started to gain serious traction in 2018, and while the field hadn’t been established from an academic point-of-view, we had many high-level experts informing us this is a key area for the modern port.

“Since then I’ve been interacting with various figures on the topic, culminating in this e-Journal.

“We’re pleased to offer a rather holistic panorama in this edition, with papers from representatives of ports, port authorities, major operators, and academics.”

The papers in this edition are: 

Port-Centric Logistics: Enabling Smarter Trade

Rashid Abdulla, CEO, DP World Europe & Russia

Port-Centric Containerized Logistics: From Dissociation to Reinsertion

Dr. Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Dept. of Global Studies & Geography, Hofstra University

Logistical ports: Critical Connection Points in the Supply Chain

Dr Noel Hacegaba, Deputy Executive Director/COO, Port of Long Beach

Gulftainer’s Wilmington Strategy: Port-Centric Logistics & Collaboration

Peter Richards, CEO, Gulftainer

Egypt Through the Prism of Port-Centric Logistics

Ashraf Ghazy, Damietta Port Authority, Egypt

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