PTI Launch C-Level Terminal Automation & Training Conference

 29 Feb 2016 10.30am

Port Technology (PTI) – the world-leading technical journal and online news hub for ports and terminals – has announced it is to stage an inaugural C-Level conference and networking event exploring terminal automation and training.

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The event is a direct result of three years of research and inter-industry collaboration and seeks to answer the questions causing evident confusion in the marketplace. With the help of leading experts and authorities on container shipping automation, the forum will shed light on cutting-edge automation, integrated technologies and strategic advantage – thereby offering a true vision for the future of ports and terminals worldwide.

One key figure to speak at the event, Olaf Merk from the ITF at the OECD, believes that the conference "…promises to be a unique event: it brings together all the leading experts for a very thorough and comprehensive discussion on what is going to be one of the defining issues for ports in the next decade: terminal automation."

The event is to be held in central London on the June 8, 2016 and will focus on the need for profound technical knowledge, deep insight, and planning with consultation: the key elements required for successful automation projects. It will explore how integrating heavy equipment technology with systems and software can empower people working in all types of ports and terminals.

The panels of carefully selected experts will start each session taking place throughout the day by receiving questions directly from the audience in order to facilitate a conducive learning atmosphere where ideas are shared. It is aimed for the industry to gain direction and understand what suits each unique port or terminal at each stage of development. After all, there is no “one-size-fits-all’.

Senior Director of Product Strategy with Navis Dr Oscar Pernia, who is due to speak at the event, said: “With the arrival of mega-vessels, process and equipment, automation will be fundamental in achieving the berth productivity, performance, and sustainability that terminals require for profitable operations. Plus, the data generated by automated equipment will enable continuous analysis and automated decision making tools to bring about entirely new levels of operational efficiency.

"We see the potential for terminals to realise a 30-50% reduction in port-stay and a 20-30% increase in operational performance solely from process improvement changes and increased carrier-terminal collaboration.”

Guest speaker and automation specialist Rich Ceci from GCT USA said of the event: “The audience can ask questions from people with experience. The speakers all appear to be disconnected from companies with something to sell. I would advise them to come with very specific questions. The size of constituency of the audience should provide a great opportunity to collect data necessary to plan projects, or validate elements of strategy.”

The event will begin by looking at the misconceptions of automation relating to the development of fully automated, or ‘robotised’, container terminals where the entry level of investment can go into billions of dollars and ROI may not be visible for a decade. 

After this, automation experts will outline the case for existing and new terminals to implement process automation and automated decision making. Interactive Q&A panel sessions will draw attention to these as well as other areas of automation and review how real time data can deliver an ROI within 6 months.

Automation will be presented as a decision C-Level executives have to make in order to reach world-class efficiencies so their terminal can increase in volume and throughput, all while saving on the bottom line and making a safer environment for today and tomorrow. Moreover, this event will reinforce the case for the port and terminal industry to step-up on automation investment and take on projects to win bigger business in a highly competitive market.

Dr Yvo Saanen, Founder and Managing Director of TBA, states: "Terminal automation is something that should concern any terminal in the world: it provides safer, more reliable and more environmentally friendly handling services for ports and terminals. It is the future.”

The afternoon sessions will cover the importance of training people first as investment in automated technologies needs reciprocal investment in training support and professional development in order to optimise returns. The right team with the right motivation can increase productivity and do it while reducing the number of cranes in operation. Clearly there is a case for creating more high skilled jobs which require more education and training which will attract the future workforce. The final afternoon session will be a treat for C-Level executives, as the power of automation also comes from big data decisions.  Dr Oscar Pernia from Navis will be part of this detailed session. Navis is also a Gold Sponsor for this event.

The conference finale and closing ceremony speech will see ABB address the floor with futuristic container terminal technologies.

PTI is also inviting a world-renowned business leader to address the forum in an opening ceremony speech (soon to be announced).

PTI’s Managing Director James AA Khan said: “This C-level forum is not about selling, it’s about collaboration, education and networking with some of the best minds of our industry. There are also key senior shipping line executives attending, as the need for collaboration is very much part of the automation discussion and vision for ports and terminals.”

Guest speakers for the event include Dr Oscar Pernia (Navis), Dr Yvo Saanen (TBA), Frank Tazelaar (APMT), Rich Ceci (GCT USA), Olaf Merk (ITF, OECD), Uno Bryfors (ABB), Michael Richter (INNOTECH) and Neil Davidson (Drewry).  Other speakers will be announced and introduced on a weekly basis.

If you wish to join the panel of speakers or become a sponsor please contact Port Technology Marketing and Operations Manager Louis Paul:

If you require further information on the event, please contact Port Technology Conference Producer and Managing Director, James AA Khan: 

+44 (0)20 7871 0123

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