PTI Event Catches Imagination in London

 09 Jun 2016 11.47am

Port Technology has held its inaugural Terminal Automation & Training Conference in London which saw an audience of global attendees witness six sessions exploring various areas of terminal automation and training practices.

PTI also exclusively announced that in conjunction with TBA, the two entities are launching a e-Learning training portal for ports and terminals worldwide. 

Operators can use the portal to play games, learn and hone their operating skills and you can review the portal here

PTI Managing Director James AA Khan said: “The portal is designed to simulate real life operations with detailed documentation supported by video content and gamification with real time measurable results.

“The ability to learn anywhere, anytime, will unlock huge opportunities for ports and their operators and more importantly, it will improve terminal operations in terms of productivity as well as reduce inefficiencies which directly impact a terminal’s bottom line. This will save terminals millions of dollars a year.”

Highlights from the event included a visionary session (Session 4) on terminals of the future, which saw industry names Dr Yvo Saanen (TBA), Uno Bryfors (ABB), Jouni Kyllönen (Kalmar), Dr Oscar Pernia (Navis) and Tuomas Saastamoinen (Konecranes) explore new ways in which terminals can be redesigned to function to optimise trade.

The session garnered lively interaction from the audience, who interacted with the speakers throughout the day and challenged the concepts presented.

Another key session (Session 5) focused on training and saw Rich Ceci of the Port of Virginia provide a thorough insight into the importance of training and provide a blueprint for terminals looking to implement automated practices and train staff.

Rich Ceci of the Port of Virginia

PTI Editor Richard Joy said: “It was our first conference and the team put in a lot of planning. However there was always that nervous excitement surrounding how everything would come together on the day.

“Thankfully, our approach to foster interactive discussion worked really well and it was great to see debate igniting during the sessions. That felt really unique.”

PTI Editor Richard Joy in Session 1 with Neil Davidson (Drewry), Olaf Merk (ITF/OECD) and Ismo Matinlauri (Kalmar)

The day began with a speech from former APMT MVII Managing Director Frank Tazelaar who set the day off with a spark, before Neil Davidson of Drewry, Olaf Merk of the OECD and Ismo Matinlauri explored some misconceptions in the automation debate.

The next session saw a diverse group Michael Bouari (1-Stop Connections), Dr Rafael Velasquez (INFORM GmbH), Jan Bossens (Camco), Alexander Willhoeft (Siemens), Kris Kosmala (Quintiq) and Richard Hepworth (Trelleborg) take part in a session focussing on process automation and automating the berth approach.

Session 3 saw Dr Oscar Pernia, Uno Bryfors, Michael Bouari, and Rich Ceci discuss automated decision making.

Dr Oscar Pernia of Navis

The final session involved Dr Pernia and Juha Pankakoski (Konecranes) provide presentations and face some tough and entertaining questions from Quintiq’s Kris Kosmala before Uno Bryfors spoke to end the day, challenging the audience the “think outside of the box” with regards to the industry’s future.

A shot of some of the attandees and speakers enjoying the evening at London's Santa Monica SkyLounge bar the evening before the event

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