PTI Edition 76: Cyber Risk & Security


PTI has released its new edition of the journal, The Cyber Risk & Security Issue, in which the authors of over 30 technical papers will help you understand how to address the growing call for improved cybersecurity.

Threats are forming as more digitization takes place at ports to meet efficiency targets.

Innovative systems for integrating operations between ports, shipping companies, and logistics providers are not only allowing cargo to move faster, but are also creating more backdoors for hackers.

It is important to address this issue by creating and continuously updating standards, sharing data on how to create better cybersecurity and investing in IT systems and teams, so that pulling the plug on ransomware-infected computers is a last resort.

The technical papers in this journal will serve as a guide to securing your port or terminal’s systems.

Contributors to the issue include Cisco Systems, an American multinational technology conglomerate; Hill Dickinson, a British international commercial law firm; Babbler, a company pioneering a new low-cost, digital seal developed for shipping containers; BPD Zenith, an asset management solution specialist; and INTTRA, the largest neutral electronic transaction platform, software and information provider at the center of the ocean shipping industry.

  1.   Able Seaton Port’s Development of a Heavy Duty Quay for Offshore De-commissioning
  2.   Aerodynamic Girders for RMGs
  3.   Automated Stacking Cranes In Port Terminals
  4.   Better Cybersecurity for Port Community Systems
  5.   Chinese Seaport Governance: Reform and the Influence of Broader Policies
  6.   Dust Mitigation for Bulk Cargo Using Atomized Mist Technology
  7.   Evolving Cybersecurity: How Ocean Container Shipping Can Prepare
  8.   Freight Rates: Where is the Container Industry Headed?
  9.   GPS Tracking: A Smart Way to Track and Trace Goods
  10.   Grain Handling Systems in Port to Meet Future Food Demands
  11.   How to Reduce Opex Costs for RTG Terminals
  12.   IOT for Spare Parts Tracking and Security in Ports
  13.   Industry Impacts of Australian Port Privatization
  14.   Machine Learning in Container Terminals
  15.   Open Interfaces: Standardizing Terminal Automation
  16.   Performance Improvement in Yard Lighting: A New Approach
  17.   Port Simulation Determining Waterway Expansion Project Timing
  18.   Q&A with Benjamin Lai of DaChan Bay Terminals
  19.   Safeguarding the EU’s Sea Area With Frontex Border Staff Training
  20.   Safer, Faster and Cheaper Port Stays: The Sea Traffic Management Validation Project
  21.   Satellite Services Benefits for Ports and Shipping
  22.   Shutting The Stable Door After The Cyber Horse Has Bolted
  23.   Slops Refining: A Sustainable Solution for Ports
  24.   Smartlog: Piloting Blockchain for Logistics
  25.   Tecnoport2025: Building the IOT-Connected Future in the Port of Seville
  26.   The Certainty of Berth Uncertainty
  27.   Using Full-Mission Ship Simulation For Ultra Large Container Vessel Feasibility Studies
  28.   Using IOT to Combat Smuggling and Theft in Containerized Transport
  29.   Using Intelligent TOS Plug-ins to Increase Terminal Performance
  30.   Using Secure IOT for Efficient Smart Port Operations
  31.   Vertical Container Warehouses: A Solution for Future Container Ports?

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