PTI Announces Final Event Sessions

 19 Feb 2018 09.00am

PTI is proud to reveal the final sessions of Day 2 of the upcoming PTI Container Terminal Automation Conference which are: Driving Terminal Performance Through Continuous Improvement (7); Ocean Supply Chain Automation (8); and, Humans vs Technology (9).   

Where session 7 is focussed on leveraging data to improve the processes in terminals, session 8 will take the conversation to the broader supply chain and look into the ocean supply chain in its most vast, holistic sense.

Session 8 will also consider other industries that the port/maritime sector can take inspiration from.

Sessions 7 and 8 will lead us to the key session of the whole event: Humans vs Technology.

In January, 2018, a Chinese machine learning robot beat a human in a standardized reading test, following DeepMind, Google’s artificial intelligence programme, which was able to win a game of chess after first learning how to play the game.

This session asks: ‘What does all this mean?’

Do we really have to worry as to whether a Super-Intelligent AI bot will take over the world as we know it?

Some people think so. Including none other than Elon Musk.

However, others such as Bill Gates say the fears are farfetched hyperbole and the human race has nothing to worry about.

This session will consider the political, practical, social, economic and even philosophical issues in the adoption of AI.

The session will be moderated by PTI MD James Khan.

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