PTI Advent 2018: SPSC18 in 90 Seconds

 01 Dec 2018 04.18pm

In 2018, Port Technology hosted the inaugural Smart Ports and Supply Chain Technologies Conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, which facilitated key discussions about emerging technologies, industry challenges, and crucial solutions.

The period of Christmas and New Year is a time to look ahead at what the future will bring, but also a chance to reflect on the past twelve months.

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While there is much more content to come from the October 2018 conference, including presentations from many expert speakers, Port Technology has released a sneak-peek highlights package.

Featured in the video are multiple facets of the Port Technology conference experience, which not only offers vital insight from industry leaders and executives, but gives attendees the chance to network and share their expertise.

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The event, which welcomed representatives from port authorities, solution providers and international bodies, covered a broad range of subjects and industry sectors, ranging from blockchain and digitization, to data sharing and standardization.

Port Technology looks forward to continuing this journey in 2019, as the movement towards smart ports and intelligent supply chains continues to grow.

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