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PTI Advent 2018: Day 15


Christmas carols are a staple of the festive period, as families and friends come together to celebrate the holiday through song.

After Father Christmas arrived at the Port of Hamburg last week, delivering gifts and cheer to local seafarers, the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) has now delivered some Christmas spirit of its own with a new video.

Using the century-old Elbe Tunnel as their arena, a Hamburg choir gathered to perform a traditional German Christmas song, with passing vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians all enjoying the concert.

Dr. Sebastian Saxe and Dr. Phanthian Zuesongdham, Hamburg Port Authority, discuss digital ports in a recent Port Technology technical paper

The Elbe Tunnel, which is 426 metres long and lies 42 metres below ground, connects central Hamburg with the docks and shipyards on the south side of the River Elbe.

Since its inception, seafarers from the Port of Hamburg have been able to use the tunnel when returning to the city, saving thousands of workers time and money.

Today, the Elbe Tunnel is a perfect location for Christmas festivities to take place, proving that you can even celebrate the holiday several metres below the ground.

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