PTI Advent 2018: Day 10

 10 Dec 2018 11.28am

Port Technology has published an exclusive paper from Nicola Clay, Smart Ports & Business Development Director at Royal Haskoning DHV, who has discussed the steps required to build smart ports.

With businesses throughout the maritime sector - including terminals, shippers and logistics companies - trying to navigate technological developments and use them to their advantage, Clay explains how ports can implement key changes to boost their productivity.

Download the free paper from Nicola Clay, Smart Ports & Business Development Director at Royal Haskoning DHV

While there is a “technology spectrum” as Clay identifies, some ports more capable of investing in automated and digital solutions, every company working in the industry must adapt to the “global trend of digitalization”. 

In her paper, Clay explores a range of “small steps” that can be followed by ports attempting to become smarter, with subjects discussed including how to generate value from data; smart asset management; and the advent of shore power.

Vincent Campfens, Port of Rotterdam, discusses digital ports in a recent Port Technology technical paper

The author also assesses ways of making port operations smarter, with efficient design and planning, as well as the management of energy, just some methods that operators can implement to improve their performance.

With so many other industries beginning to ride the wave of technological progress, ports and terminals must start following their example.

Automated and digital solutions for ports and terminals will also be a key topic at the Container Terminal Automation Conference 2019, which takes place May 7-8 in London, UK.

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