PTI Exclusive: Athena Q&A Part 2, The AI 2.0 Ethics Act

athena part 2

In the second instalment of The Athena Interviews, where INFORM’s Matthew Wittemeier interviews Athena, the advanced AI 2.0 system that is the center of the groundbreaking ‘2038: A Smart Port Story’ novella.

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The first instalment touched on a range of issues and ended with Athena bringing up the AI 2.0 Ethics Act of 2029.

Matthew: Athena, you brought up the AI 2.0 Ethics Act of 2029. Is the Act a good thing, or not?


What is The Athena Interviews?

The Athena Interviews is a series run bi-weekly building into PTI’s upcoming Smart Digital Ports of the Future conference (#SDP19) in November where INFORM, the Official AI Partner of #SDP19, will release their final installment of 2038: A Smart Port Story.

Readers are encouraged to send through thought-provoking questions about the future of logistics, technology, or AI to

Alternatively, you can ask a question via LinkedIn or Twitter using the hashtag #AskAthena2038. We’ll select the best questions and pose them to Athena on a bi-weekly basis.

Missed the beginning of The Athena Interviews? You can pick it up from the start at: PTI Exclusive: Athena Q&A Part 1.

What is 2038: A Smart Port Story?

2038: A Smart Port Story explores the terminal of the future and the intricacies of technology and its impact on both the port industry and society.

Join Douglas as he unravels the mystery around an incident at the Port of Reykjavik which sees an AGV collide with a human leaving their life hanging perilously in the balance.

Haven’t read 2038: A Smart Port Story yet? You can download a complimentary digital copy of Part 1 and Part 2 here.

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