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Singapore Students to Use Lab Simulator for Port Training

Singapore Students to Use Lab Simulator for Port Training

Singapore-based tertiary school Republic Polytechnic (RP) and port operator PSA Corporation (PSA) have launched the RP-PSA Experiential Laboratory, a high tech simulated environment where students can develop their skills using real-life port management and operations scenarios.

The lab is part of PSA’s ongoing effort to increase awareness of careers in the PSA International Port, and was developed in line with a three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between RP and PSA in 2015.

RP says the lab will offer both students and staff the highest quality port operations and technology-related training.

It will also serve as a career hub for RP students who are interested in exploring a career in port operations.

RP has said they expect around 400 of its students from the Diploma in Industrial and Operations Management, Diploma in Supply Chain Management and Diploma in Aviation Management will benefit from the lab annually.

Read a paper by Captain Carlos Cal, Nautical Advisor, Siport21, on the value of simulation training

The lab’s port simulation hardware and software system mimics operations at actual PSA container terminals to allow students to visualize specific scenarios, such as how changes impact plans and their dependency effects.

A group of RP final-year students also built a customized port model from scratch for the lab, which will allow for the demonstration of different modes of transport and job roles in a port setting.

Mr Yeo Li Pheow, Principal and CEO, Republic Polytechnic, said: “The RP-PSA Experiential Lab underscores our commitment to developing industry-ready professionals to take on port management and operations jobs of the future.

“The lab will support the growth of Singapore’s port and shipping industry, enabling the mastery of skills relevant to the industry.

“Coupled with Republic Polytechnic’s Problem-based Learning pedagogy, students will undergo contextualised learning according to the needs of the industry, allowing them to be industry-ready upon graduation.”

Mr Ong Kim Pong, Regional CEO Southeast Asia, PSA International, said: “As PSA develops our next generation of highly automated and intelligent container terminals, we need to continue to attract young talents who possess the necessary competencies.

“The RP-PSA Experiential Laboratory will equip RP students with a base of foundational knowledge which will be further sharpened through internships at PSA.

This collaboration is a win–win arrangement for both RP and PSA, and I look forward to welcoming more young talents to join the vibrant and exciting port industry.”


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