Progress DataDirect’s data integration suite facilitates EU SAD Harmonisation compliance

 31 Jul 2009 10.00am

SAD harmonisation is a major step by the European Union toward aligning the rules for completion of SAD customs declarations across all EU Member States. It changes the way that import, export, warehousing, transit and community status declarations are completed. Not all EU member states have made the switch; some have made the transition, others are still implementing changes.

Progress DataDirect’s Dr. Carlo Innocenti, senior data integration program manager explained, “The resulting challenge is for companies to try to integrate data from various partners and sources. Flat files must be transformed for communications with customs clearance and must also be integrated with relational databases for reasons of audit and business operation. Some large organisations deal with millions of messages making this crucial process extremely complex and resource intensive.”

The DataDirect Data Integration Suite answers this challenge, providing a robust product architecture which includes an easy-to-use graphical integrated development environment as well as a highly-scalable integration processing engine that effectively queries a large variety of data sources using standards-based technologies and interfaces.

It easily aggregates heterogeneous data sources, including all major relational databases, XML documents, EDI standards, flat files, and other legacy data formats into one comprehensive result, and then exposes the response via SOAP or REST for use by any Java™ or .NET application.

One organisation ready to benefit from the DataDirect Data Integration Suite is Portbase, providers of information services to the port communities in both Amsterdam and Rotterdam. In the first half of 2009, Portbase handled in excess of 15 million messages from more than 1,300 partners such as customs, carriers, freight forwarders, shipping agents and brokers, container terminals, barge, rail and truck operators. The company has added the DataDirect Data Integration Suite at the very heart of its well established Port Community System.

Portbase's Lead Architect Paul Saraber shared, “The operational benefits and across the board savings made the DataDirect Data Integration Suite a logical solution for us. It offers full support of different message formats in a reliable solution that’s easy to use and nimble. One single feature in the DataDirect Data Integration Suite, the error message handling, saves us the hiring of 2 people with different European language skills. Savings are approximately €200.000 yearly in overhead. The DataDirect Data Integration Suite is easily the most able solution to streamline the exchange of vital information among our community members and external partners. We are very excited to be expanding our development work with the DataDirect Data Integration Suite and are already looking forward to increase our ROI further by taking advantage of future features.”

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