Prodevelop provides service to Autonomous Port of Kribi

Kribi & Prodevelop - Bathymetric drone

Although ICT has been found to help connect consumers and suppliers in a globalised market, Prodevelop has recognised the unparalleled benefits that face-to-face encounters have for fostering relationships. 

Not only does this ensure greater transparency, but suppliers are able to check for the issue first hand and are better equipped to provide a diagnostic or solution. 

Recently, such an interaction occurred between Prodevelop, based in Spain, and the Autonomous Port of Kribi in Cameroon.

These organisations collaborate on a variety of diverse solutions, namely Kribi’s acquisition and operation of aerial and bathymetric drones. 

Recently, a mishap during deployment resulted in an electrical shock to a bathymetric drone. The modules and other components were harmed as a result. 

Given the significance of these drones to Kribi, Prodevelop made the trip to its facilities in Cameroon to identify the issue and resolve it onsite. 

Following diagnosis and repairs, the proper functioning, handling, and piloting of the drone was verified when under testing.  

Before returning to Spain, the Prodevelop team took advantage of the chance to experience Cameroonian culture, discover their history, and take in the scenery. 

Ties between the Kribi team and Prodevelop had significantly strengthened following this encounter. 

The Autonomous Port of Kribi is assured in having a partner it can rely on thanks to Prodevelop’s ongoing commitment to providing great service by maintaining the smooth operation of its products and further solidifying its relationships with clients.

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