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Portunus complete STS crane upgrade for PSA Mersin

On completion, the project was tested and certified by Lloyds Turkey. The cranes were fitted with a brand new SIEMENS S7300 crane control system. As part of its automation systems, the crane can collect and use statistical information technology, allowing it to identify faults and failures and estimate how long loading and unloading containers will take. Wind speed can also be measured by the system; in extreme wind conditions the crane operation automatically shuts off, preventing damage and possible accidents. The operator's cab was also upgraded, with the addition of a touch-screen operational interface, which displays the lifting and trolley systems activity. All electrical control panels were replaced.

Sonar sensors have also been fitted to the cranes, which can it detect any object at a distance of between 1m and 5m , automatically shutting off the crane systems during operation. Additional sensors were also fitted to the crane hoisting system, as well as brake pad wear sensors to report safety and maintenance issues. The crane brake system itself was completely replaced, as were the lifting ropes, and boom gear maintenance was performed. The gearbox and cardan shaft, in the trolley system, have also been replaced with a direct drive gear system.Overall, the whole rate of the crane system (load lifting, walking, and trolley) was increased by between 20% and 30%. Onder Turker from Portunus says, “Port throughput varies from port to port but wherever cargo is handled, speed, reliability and efficiency are paramount”. PSA Mersin hopes the crane refurbishment will help it achieve greater productivity, shorter cycle times, increased safety, better ergonomics and greater performance and reliability. PSA Mersin is one of the largest container ports in Turkey and is now gaining recognition as the “leader” of the south of Turkey.

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