Portsmouth Port reveals plans for new £16m makeover

 24 Nov 2009 05.48pm

The 2700m² new terminal building will be situated to the east of the existing terminal building, where Port terminal sheds used to reside. While the footprint of the actual building will be roughly the same as the existing structure, it gains a further 75 per cent of floor space, including a larger canopy. New to the terminal building will also be a large baggage handling hall which will hold up to 1,500 pieces of luggage coming off visiting cruise ships.

Set to incorporate ground-breaking environmental technology and advanced sustainable features, the new terminal building hopes to become an important landmark, both for Portsmouth and for the shipping industry as a whole. Among the green elements incorporated in the building will be:

  • heat transfer pumps from the harbour used to heat or cool the building by pumping hot or cold water through the pipes underneath the floor
  • salt water from the Solent used to flush toilets
  • energy efficient lighting, and
  • ventilators incorporated into the roof to capture the prevailing south-westerly wind, pushing fresh air into the building and therefore allowing for positive pressure, reducing the dust levels in the air.

Port managers met with City Councillors today to present the plans for its new environmentally friendly terminal building, due for completion by Easter 2011. In addition, Councillors were shown a fly through video which details the layout of the new facility.

Mansell will deliver the construction of the new terminal building, set-down area, access roads and associated infrastructure. Also required will be the demolition of existing facilities and the reinstatement of the area previously used for the old terminal, as a marshalling area.

During the construction of the new terminal, Portsmouth Commercial Port will continue running operations from the existing site. Before the new terminal is opened in Easter 2011, Portsmouth Commercial Port will need to manage an overnight transfer of all services from the old to the new building. In order to make this transition as fluid as possible, there are a lot of logistics to be considered, which will be part of Marshall Construction Services remit.

Port Manager, Martin Putman, says: “The new terminal has been planned for many years and it is exciting to be at the stage where the contract for the build has been awarded and construction is due to commence. There were a number of elements we needed to consider for this build, including location ensuring that the building was placed suitably for car and freight passengers, and buildability to ensure that the structure is built in a place where we are able to keep the existing site running during the construction process. Over the last few months enabling works have been underway to re-locate workshops, resurface a large area and demolish existing service sheds, but we are looking forward to the actual build now commencing in January.”

“This is really a once in a lifetime project and we are proud that this is finally happening. The existing terminal building was constructed in 1976 and was only meant to be a temporary building expected to last eight years, so it is definitely time for a replacement. The ships which our passengers use are very well appointed and they should expect that quality throughout the terminal as well. Our new building will not only have wonderful ‘green’ elements, it will also have all the modern facilities that are expected in terminals such as this. Our passengers deserve better than they’ve had for some years and we are proud to be able to give them this new facility.

Andy Duff, Regional Managing Director of Mansell South said: "We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded the new Portsmouth Ferry Terminal Project. This long awaited scheme will transform the ferry terminal and Mansell are proud to be working with Portsmouth Commercial Port and Portsmouth City Council to deliver this prestigious new building.”

“The safety of the public and staff who work within the Port will be our highest priority at all times and will be our initial focus prior to works commencing on site in the New Year."

Roger Walsgrove, Project Leader at Halcrow who has been helping the Port since the start of the project, commented: “We are very excited to be involved in such a prestigious project which will improve dramatically the experience for passengers travelling through Portsmouth.”

David Williams, Chief Executive of Portsmouth City Council said: "This is great news for the port and for the city. It will mean a modern, comfortable area for passengers and will enhance their experience of the city, whether they are visiting us or passing through. It will be a major asset to Portsmouth, as a waterfront city and tourist centre. It's excellent to see such bold thinking on environmental issues."

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