PortCheck Inc. established to manage clean trucks program requirements

 29 Oct 2008 12.25pm

To comply with the requirement to collect the CTF, the terminal operators have established a new company called PortCheck Inc. PortCheck will operate similarly to PierPASS Inc., which was established by WCMTOA in 2005 to create and operate the OffPeak program at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports. PierPASS collects the Traffic Mitigation Fee that funds the five weekly OffPeak shifts on nights and Saturdays. OffPeak has been successful in diverting 40 percent of cargo from weekday shifts. On Oct. 22, the two ports signed an agreement with PortCheck contracting it to collect the fees and enforce a ban on older trucks. PortCheck and the terminals are now working to build the information systems necessary to collect and track the fee payments while minimizing impacts to the flow of cargo. This system will fully automate the process of determining whether a truck meets the ports’ clean truck requirements and whether it will be charged a Clean Truck Fee. PortCheck expects to begin collection of CTF payments when information system development is completed, which is anticipated to be sometime in November. Enforcement of the ban on trucks older than model year 1989 began on Oct. 1. Under the ports’ program, the beneficial cargo owner (the party named on the bill of lading) is responsible for paying the CTF. Companies currently registered under PierPASS will automatically be registered under PortCheck, and the process of claiming containers and paying the CTF will be similar to the OffPeak program’s process. While the PortCheck website is being developed, PortCheck urges cargo owners to register on the PierPASS site (www.pierpass-tmf.org), and to familiarize themselves with the process.

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