Port of Rotterdam Part 2: Smart Port Networks


The Port of Rotterdam has published a new white paper that focuses on digitization and how it can be leveraged to develop a global network of smart ports.

Authored by Jan Gardeitchik, a key speaker at PTI's recent Smart Ports event in Rotterdam, Rotterdam’s Business Lead for Digital Business Solutions, the paper outlines the key steps which must be taken for ports to effectively digitize.

Speaking exclusively to PTI, Gardeitchik explained three key ways in which this process must be carried out, beginning with the digitization of “individual parties in the port”.



In order to systematically develop smarter, digital operations, Gardeitchik underlines the need for “port authorities, nautical service providers and terminals” to all begin digitizing their own processes.

Once multiple parties operating within one community have become digital, these players can connect with each other to form an integrated network of systems, all working together in unison to exchange data and improve the efficiency of their collective operations.

Download Move Forward: Step by Step to a Digital Port

Building a Port Community System (PCS), as Gardeitchik describes in his white paper, also provides a more reliable and secure basis on which to share information.

While security must be maintained, the exchange of data is considered a key to accessing the benefits of advanced technological solutions such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, as Joyce Bliek has highlighted in another exclusive interview with PTI.

The next step is to link one port community with another, creating a connected supply chain that integrates both hinterland players nearby and other ports around the world.



Building enough trust to foster this collaboration will take time according to Gardeitchik, but it is in the interest of the whole industry to pursue this level of widespread connectivity.

By linking supply chains to form a “global logistics chain” which optimizes a multitude of transport modes, all parties involved will be able to benefit from lower costs and faster delivery speeds, while increased competitiveness will offer a much-need impetus to drive innovation.

The subject of a digital network of global ports will be central to PTI's Smart Port Conference 2019 which is to be held in Rotterdam for the second year running. 

The event will see the world's leading smart ports and smart port experts join in on sessions that aim to take the industry forward to a digital tomorrow.  

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