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Port of LA Leads Cybersecurity Collaboration


The Port of Los Angeles has convened a working group of maritime stakeholders to address cybersecurity threats in the sector and collaborate on forming a solution.

The body of organizations, which includes shipping lines, marine terminal operators, railroad companies and representatives from the trucking industry, has agreed to share cyber threat information across a multitude of companies within the Port of LA.

This move is expected to help the port community prepare against a number of cyber risks that could impact the cargo supply chain ecosystem.

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Gene Seroka, Executive Director of the Port of LA, commented: “In partnership with our maritime industry stakeholders, we have the opportunity to enhance the ability of the port ecosystem to see cyber threats on the horizon and improve information sharing to help manage respective, and collective, cyber risk.

“I’m proud that the port is taking the lead on the first ever cross-sector Cyber Resilience Center.”



Tom Gazsi, Deputy Executive Director and Chief of Public Safety and Emergency Management, added: “Ports are a key part of a complex system that must address cyber risks.

“Over the past few years, we have seen how cyber incidents have impacted some ports across the world, threatening the operations of the entire maritime supply chain. That’s why we’re taking a collaborative approach to strengthen our cyber security posture.”



The new collaborative effort follows the establishment of the Port of Los Angeles Cyber Security Operations Centre in 2014, which acts as a centralized location to proactively monitor network traffic and detect potential threats.

In addition to this, the port has maintained its ISO 27001 certification for cyber security, the only port to have this certification.

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