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Port of Baku Connects with Massive European Hub

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The Port of Baku has announced it has begun a cooperation agreement with a coalition of leading companies in the Dutch city of Venlo, one of the biggest logistics and transport hubs in Europe.

According to a statement, the agreement will see a closer partnership with the state government of Limburg, The Netherlands, and firms such as Cabooter Group, SMART Logistics Centre, the Limburg Development & Investment Company, Greenport Venlo and KLG Europe.



The city of Venlo, near the German border, is home to many distribution centers which are used by many of the world’s biggest companies, including agribusiness, clothing, electronics and other industries.

Most of the cargo which arrives at Europe’s biggest ports, such as Rotterdam, Antwerp and Amsterdam is delivered to Venlo and distributed throughout the continent.

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At the signing ceremony for the agreement, Taleh Ziyadov, general director of the Baku International Sea Trade Port, said: “Our cooperation, the foundation of which is being laid today, will be the result of attracting well-known companies from the Netherlands and Europe to the Port of Baku.

“It is gratifying that the Dutch companies in the logistics chain between Asia and Europe pay special attention to the new Port of Baku and seek to involve various services and production in our country.”  

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