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Port of Amsterdam Takes Drought Measures

Port of Amsterdam Takes Drought Measures

The Port of Amsterdam will implement new measures in its lock passages in response to The Netherlands’ worst heatwave since 1976.

The measures come after advice from the Dutch National Water Coordination Committee regarding a shortage of fresh water.

Coming into effect at 6pm local time on July 26, the new regulations will temporarily increase waiting times until the situation improves.

However, the Port of Amsterdam considers the changes necessary to stop seawater leaking into the freshwater locks.

Read about the largest sea-lock in the world at the Port of Amsterdam with a Port Technology technical paper

A statement from the Port of Amsterdam said: “Because of the ongoing period of draught, and on the advice of the National Water Coordination Committee, the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management has switched to the so called KWA scenario (‘Klimaatbestendige Wateraanvoer’).

“This means that the lock passage process in IJmuiden has to be adapted temporarily. Therefore, Port of Amsterdam will start the optimization of the passage process, from Thursday 26 July 2018 at 06.00 pm.

“To optimize the lock passages, we will apply a maximum waiting time for both the Middensluis and the Noordersluis locks of 1.5 hours as a result of the measure.

“By taking this measure, we will make a positive contribution to the fragile balance between fresh and salt water in the Amsterdam Rhine Canal.”

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