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Port of Wuhan once again open for business

Port of Wuhan once again open for business

The river port of Wuhan is once again connected to the global economy after the China-Europe freight service resumed operations following the lifting of restrictions related to the COVID-19, or coronavirus, pandemic.

Accoridng to national media, 50 containers left the Wuhan station via rial on their way to the German inland port of Duisberg approximately 15 days after departure.

The containers’ contents are believed to have included 166.4 metric tons of medical supplies such as medical fabrics.

In addition, there were also auto parts, electronics and telecommunication cables on the train, all of which meant to help contain the pandemic in Europe.

The news is a milestone for Wuhan, where the COVID-19 outbreak first began in late-2019, China and the wider global supply chain.

The pandemic has caused congestion, delay and uncertainty all over the world and seen container traffic tumble in many critical ports and hubs.

Ports have taken on an even more important role than usual during this time and have become key gateways for vital medical goods and food.

Port Technology International (PTI) has explored what happens to ports during a national lockdown.

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