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Port of Rotterdam launches new digital tool as post-Suez traffic approaches

Rotterdam launches new tool to fight congestion
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The Port of Rotterdam Authority’s subsidiary PortBase has developed and launched a real-time digital overview of arrival times to provide transporters, shippers and other market parties with real-time information as it awaits increased traffic following the obstruction of the Suez Canal.

The Port said that all parties, including end recipients of freight, can see well in advance when and which vessels are scheduled to be processed. The overview will provide market parties with insight into terminal schedules at all of the Port’s deep-sea terminals on one platform.

Allard Castelein, Port of Rotterdam Authority CEO: “We are delighted to be able to offer our clients digital solutions.

“Forwarders that need to collect containers from the Port of Rotterdam can use this real-time digital overview to take the necessary preparations well in advance of the vessel’s arrival in the Port of Rotterdam.

“This can accelerate the smooth handling of containers and certainly of cargo that is now arriving later in Rotterdam as a consequence of the Suez Canal obstruction.

“This service demonstrates the added value of sharing data to the entire logistics chain.”

European ports are bracing themselves for the possibility of substantially increased volume as the vessels which were stuck outside the Suez Canal approach, along with those that diverted around the Cape of Good Hope.

Earlier in April, the Port of Antwerp said it was expecting congestion after the waterway reopened.

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