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Port of Leixões successfully tests AI software

Port of Leixões
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The Administration of Douro Ports, Leixões and Viana do Castelo, S.A. (APDL) has partnered with ALLREAD Machine Learning Technologies (ALLREAD) and successfully tested artificial intelligence in the Port of Leixões, while also working alongside the Centre for Computer Vision of Catalonia and The Collider Program.

The port installed ALLREAD software to perform the reading of BIC and tank containers, which circulate through the different access points to the port area. The software will process images and videos with text and codes and extract the desired information with up to 90% accuracy.

The software links into cameras installed on each access point, thus avoiding the high costs of hardware and implementation that other traditional optical character recognition (OCR) solutions require.

© The Administration of Douro Ports, Leixões, Viana do Castelo, S.A. (APDL)

Additionally, with the port not having to invest in further hardware, APDL now has the possibility to bring an agile and non-CAPEX-intensive reading solution to other access points of the Port of Leixões.

The implementation of this AI technology also fits directly in with APDL’s commitment to innovation and digitisation.

Port of Leixões has also previously rolled out its roadmap to become the first port with zero emissions by 2035. Announced in April 2021, the decarbonisation plan will not only focus on the phasing out of fossil fuels but also aim to search for alternative proposals for efficiencies in consumption and electrification of resources through digitalisation.

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