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Port of Karachi gas leak kills several people

Port of Karachi gas leak kills several people

Five people have died and over a hundred injured in the Port of Karachi after a chemical gas leak from a container on 16 February 2020, according to widespread reports from national and international media.

The deaths, three women and two men, have reportedly been confirmed by local authorities and hospitals. However, there is no confirmation as to the cause of the leak, although there is no suspicion of sabotage.

The New York Times has reported that hospitals became inundated with people with severe breathing problems. The vast majority came from the Kamari area of Karachi, which is very close to the port.

Pakistani news station ARY News reported that the owner of Ziauddin Hospital, Dr Asim Hussain, has demanded an investigation into the gas leak.

Local authority officials have called for an immediate restriction on the movement of gas, chemicals and petroleum products from the port area.

The police have warned there could be more leaking containers and have initiated a complete search of the East and West Wharf areas.

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