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Port of Auckland sees throughput fall in ‘tough’ financial year results

Ports of Auckland from the west, with Captain Cook and Marsden Wharves, and Bledisloe Multi-Purpose Terminal
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The Port of Auckland New Zealand has recorded a fall in container throughput for the annual year to 30 June 2021.

Container throughput fell to 818,238 TEU compared to 880,781 TEU in the previous corresponding period.

Revenue fell to NZ$226.3 million ($161 million) from NZ$231.4 million ($165 million) in the year prior.

The port recorded an increased net profit after tax of NZ$45.6 million ($32.5 million), compared to NZ$23 million ($16 million) for the previous period, however, the profit included an NZ$28 million ($20 million) property revaluation gain.

Interim CEO Wayne Thompson commented, “This year has been tough. The combined impact of the pandemic and a fatal accident a year ago has had a heavy impact on our people and the business.

“At the container terminal the result was congestion and reduced volume. At our multi-cargo terminal, we’ve seen significantly higher volumes despite pandemic-related shipping delays.”

“While we have seen growth in some cargo categories, overall revenue is down, and so is profit.”

“For the coming year we are focused on getting the essentials right and putting the company back on track. We will focus on completing automation, and we’ll focus on safely getting productivity back to higher levels. Getting the essentials right and keeping our costs under control will ensure we can deliver higher returns.”

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