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PINC and project44 strike real-time supply chain visibility deal

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Digital yard management solution provider PINC has announced a partnership with project44 to empower shippers and carriers with end-to-end real-time shipment visibility and yard management automation capabilities.

In a statement, PINC said its Yard Management System’s real-time asset and load data will combine with project44’s data platform to accelerate the check-in process and provide customers with actionable load scheduling visibility.

Additionally, organisations will gain real-time insights into critical yard asset and load life cycle transitions through project’s Advanced Visibility Platform.

Distribution centres, warehouses and manufacturing plants will be able to improve gate velocity, optimise driver turnaround times and cut costs.

At the enterprise level, the data exchange between PINC and project44 will enable shippers to improve shipment velocity, enhance sustainability and manage carrier contracts and transportation budgets more effectively.

“PINC enables enterprises to find and assign trailer assets and associated loads automatically through their life cycle, and optimize their movement between gates, yard, and docks,” said Matt Yearling, CEO of PINC.

“Combining project44’s advanced visibility and predictive tracking and ETAs with our yard orchestration engine will enhance the shippers’ ability to meet on time in full (OTIF) requirements,” Yearling continued.

He went on to say that the partnership will “maximise the productivity of warehouse labour and assets, achieve real-time visibility to available inventory, compete on providing an enhanced customer experience, while significantly reduce costs.”

Jett McCandless, CEO, project44, also commented: “As businesses face the increasing demand for faster delivery, our partnership is here to fix the existing supply chain gaps, whether shipment is in transit, in the yard, or in the warehouse.”

“With project44’s robust API integration capabilities and real-time ETA tracking, we are excited to drive additional value to mutual customers.

“By having real-time insights into inbound load ETA and shipment details, all players within the transportation ecosystem can increase operational efficiencies and exceed their customers’ expectations.”


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