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Officials Confirm Germany’s Biggest Drug Bust

Officials Confirm Germany’s Biggest Drug Bust

The US$1.1 billion cocaine seizure in the Port of Hamburg two weeks ago was the biggest drug bust Germany has ever seen, officials have confirmed.

According to reports, the 10,000 pounds of drugs were discovered in 200 duffel bags in a shipment disguised to look like soy beans.

Weighing at approximately 4.5 tonnes, it was being transported from Montevideo, Uruguay, to Antwerp, Belgium when it was discovered in Hamburg, Germany’s biggest port.

In a statement, Federal Ministry of Finance had this to say: “This outstanding success proves once again how powerfully German customs fight crime.

“With sophisticated risk analysis, customs succeed in opening the right containers and extracting illegal goods from the enormous number of containers that pass through the Port of Hamburg every day.”

In June 2019, 16.5 tonnes of cocaine was seized from the MSC Gayane at the Port of Philadelphia in what was the biggest drug bust in US history, a story PTI reported on.

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