The biggest ever: Official video of the new Maersk Line Triple-E container vessels

 22 Feb 2011 12.57pm

This video is the official video showing the new container ship to be put in operation by shipping line giant Maersk.

The ships will become the largest commercial liners ever built.

As PTI reported yesterday the shipping line giant has signed a contract to build ten vessels, with the option to buy a further twenty.

The 18,000 TEU capacity container ships named as the Triple-E vessels, will be delivered from Korea's DSME shipyard from 2013 to 2015.

At 400 metres long, 59 metres wide and 73 metres tall, the Triple-E will be the largest vessel of any type known to be in operation.

Its 18,000 twenty-foot container capacity is a massive 16% larger (2,500 TEU) than Emma Maersk.

Here's the official video, courtesy of Maersk Line:

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