Ningbo Zhoushan Terminal Renovation Gets Thumbs Up

 19 Oct 2017 10.26am

Ningbo Zhoushan Beilun port’s multi-purpose terminal renovation construction project has successfully achieved environmental acceptance.

Beilun Port's renovation project will transform the original Number 1 and Number 2 coal terminals into a multi-purpose terminal.

Beilun Port’s renovated multi-purpose terminal is located in the southeast of Hangzhou Bay outside the south side of Jintang waterway.

A berth will be designed for small cargo ships, for example a 50,000 DWT container ship or a 40,000 DWT general cargo ship, and will see the transformation of the coastline to reach a total length of 515 metres.

With the project, Ningbo Zhoushan Port intends to grow domestic container trade by further promoting port integration. 

The terminal is being converted to handle containers, bulk, and breakbulk amid dwindling demand for coal, reported Splash247.

China’s State Council in August, 2017 issued new environmental regulations for construction projects that were set to go into effect on October 1, 2017.

Read a related paper from Theo Notteboom on the governance of Chinese port system, in which Shanghai and Ningbo have been the main growth engines.

Revised regulations require construction enterprises to submit environmental impact reports for evaluation by government environmental protection departments.

These also require inspection of certain environmental protection facilities that are built alongside construction projects.

The new national Construction Project Environmental Protection Regulations have beenimplemented since the completion of the new municipal deapartment of environmental protection in Ningbo City, Ningbo Environmental Protection Bureau.

Read more: Ningbo Zhoushan port in September, 2017 has received state approval to expand 8 berths, sourcing a total investment of around US$1.85 billion.

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