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Nicaragua Canal Threatens Extinction

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In a bid to raise awareness, a group of international environmental scientists have raised concerns surrounding the likely effects the Nicaragua Canal could pose on its surrounding eco-system.

Concerns have already been raised regarding the environment, with critics warning that the canal’s construction could cut through Lake Nicaragua, which currently provides a clean water-source for the people of Nicaragua.

In SMN weekly, Pedro Alvarez, Environmental Engineer at Rice University stated in a report that “Significant impacts to the lake could result from incidental or accidental spills from 5,100 ships passing through every year; invasive species brought by transoceanic ships, which could threaten the extinction of aquatic plants and fish.

“In this matter of great urgency and importance, this is an opportunity to exercise scientific leadership, raise awareness and contribute to averting a potential environmental disaster.

As well as environmental issues, the Nicaragua Canal has raised concerns relating to funding, having recently turned to the EU in a bid to secure further subsidy.

(Source: Sill-law)

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