New Tech Paper: Blockchain Technology for Ports

 18 Apr 2017     Automation and Optimisation , Automated Decision Making, Digitalisation, Process Automation, Container Handling, Automation Systems, Containers, Ports, Security and Logistics, Shipping

A new technical paper written by Wolfgang Lehmacher, Head of Supply Chain and Transport Industries, World Economic Forum, examines the suitability of blockchain and blockchain-based distributed ledger technology (DLT) to the port, harbour, and terminal industries.

The paper states that DLT has the potential to drastically change the world of asset transfer, asset movements and security of data movement.

Lehmacher states: “Testing of various DLT applications has already started – first in 2009 with the emergence of Bitcoin in the financial services industry, then subsequently in various other fields, including within the supply chain.

“Executives in the port, harbour and terminal industries need to understand the potential impact and implications of DLT and blockchain – in business, in respect to government interactions, and along the supply chain.”

Read the technical paper: Blockchain Technology for Ports

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Read in its entirety, the paper reveals how Blockchain has the potential to change the way parties operate and interact along the value chain as well as to open doors for new players.

Some intermediaries might be impacted, others may be left out of the game.

Lehmacher is due to speak today at PTI’s Container Terminal Automation Conference about how blockchain may mean that some intermediaries might be impacted, others may be left out of the game.