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New Crane to be the Backbone of Brindisi Supply Chain

New Crane to be the Backbone of Brindisi Supply Chain

The Italian port of Grindisi is now home to a Konecreanes Gottwald Model 2 Mobile Harbour Crane.

Konecranes hope its eco-friendly versatility could make for better and more efficient handling of coal and cargo.

The crane was bought by SIR, an environmentally-friendly provider of industrial services, in May after the company won the right to build a coal-fired power plant in Brindisi.

Antonio Roma, Managing Director of SIR, said the new crane would be vital to the supply chain.

“The Model 2 crane will play a key role in the supply chain from bulk vessels to the power station, as it will ensure productive and reliable handling of inbound coal in the long term,” Roma said.

“Thanks to its outstanding versatility, it can also load and unload general cargo and containers when needed. We have therefore opted for a crane we can grow with.”

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Gino Gherri, Regional Sales Manager at Konecranes, emphasised the importance of the Italian market to the company’s future.

“Italy is a very important market for the entire range of Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbour Cranes, and has a diverse operator needs.

“SIR is an excellent example of how we can also provide other terminals, including multi-purpose and bulk terminals, with handling equipment that perfectly meets their particular needs.

“Like our larger cranes, the Model 2 crane was developed for versatile use in terminals of every kind and size.”

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