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New Carbon-Cutting Sustainability Centre Launched

New Carbon-Cutting Sustainability Centre Launched

A new Global Sustainability Centre has been launched by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), which aims to help world shipping in its efforts to ‘decarbonize’ operations.

Projects to be coordinated by the Sustainability Centre include studies of alternative fuels and energy sources, with analysis of ‘de-carbonization pathways’ and the impact of seaborne trade growth and IMO carbon targets on new ship designs.

The facility will be led by ABS’ director of global sustainability Gurinder Singh and will be based in Singapore, making use of ABS’ links with academia and centres of excellence in the country. According to an ABS statement, Singh will lead a team of professionals with diverse expertise and backgrounds.

Singh said: “The shipping industry is navigating a complex regulatory landscape and rapid changes in technology.

“The IMO Greenhouse Gas reduction targets will present an unprecedented challenge to the industry, as they cannot be achieved with today’s technology. The Sustainability Centre has a vital role to play in helping the industry manage the transition safely.”

Simon Bennett gave an update on the IMO Greenhouse Gas Strategy in a recent Port Technology technical paper

ABS provides classification and technical advisory services to the global marine and offshore industries. The organisation’s new Sustainability Centre will seek to certify and verify new low-carbon technology, while using digital technology to increase operational efficiency.

The centre is also planning to launch a new education programme of seminars and lectures for raising awareness of maritime sustainability and carbon reduction strategies.

Christopher Wiernicki, Chairman, President and CEO of ABS, said: “The decarbonizing of shipping is a challenge that will compel the industry to reach new frontiers of technology.

“At the same time, it is an opportunity to transition to a more sustainable world economy enabled by efficient, low-carbon transportation. ABS has established its Global Sustainability Centre to facilitate this journey, to coordinate initiatives that advance innovation and technology.”

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