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Navis World 2019 Goes Big with Speakers

Navis World 2019 Goes Big with Speakers

Leading provider of operational tech for the maritime industry Navis has opted for a fine selection of keynote speakers for Navis World 2019, recruiting the services of pioneers in behavioural economics, AI, and leadership for the biennial conference.

The three keynote speakers that have been announced are behavioural economist Tim Harford, author and leadership expert Cindy Solomon, and robotics expert Robert Hoyle Brown. 

Tim Harford is world-renowned for authoring the hugely popular The Undercover Economist, and more recently, 50 Inventions That Shaped The Modern Economy.

An award-winning columnist, regular TED speaker and a BBC broadcaster, Mr Harford has been described as ‘perhaps the best popular economics writer in the world,’ offering a distinctive blend of storytelling, humour and intelligence.

Watch Tim Harford in action below: 

Tim Harford specialises in dealing with uncertainty, how to forecast, and how to turn frustration into innovation.

Harford’s work ranges fluently over topics, from the military to ballet, and global catastrophes to finding the right socks, as he finds the common themes therein that offer penetrating insights.

Tim Harford’s speech is entitled: How Frustration Can Make Us More Creative

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A second keynote will be delivered by renowned author and leadership expert Cindy Solomon, entitled Creating a Culture of Courage: The New Leadership Challenge.

Cindy Solomon has helped Fortune 1000 companies around the world cultivate leaders and customer-focused cultures. 

Combining wit and a will to transcend battlefield analogies and sports metaphors, Solomon delivers real-life business stories and actionable advice on next-generation leadership.



The third keynote will be delivered by Robert Hoyle Brown, AVP – Center for the Future of Work, with the IT giant Cognizant.

Brown’s speech is entitled: What to Do When Machines Do Everything; How Robotics is Changing the Workplace

Brown’s research emphasis has been on the topics of robotics, automation, privacy and augmented reality and their impact on business processes.

Given the ongoing discussion of robotization in the maritime sphere, Mr Brown is set to offer some insights that can deeply aid the industry in making the correct steps as we move into highly volatile, yet highly auspicious waters.

Read a technical paper by Patrick Brehmer, Team Lead of Applied Innovation, Navis on Making Vessel Visits More Efficient

Navis World 2019 takes place from 25-28, March at The Palace Hotel in San Francisco USA.

Renowned for offering the most exhaustive list of sessions covering near every aspect of maritime operations, the event draws in a wide selection of terminal operators, specialists and media from around the globe.

As well as the event, Navis World also facilitates the Inspire Awards at the conference.

The Inspire Awards see the absolute optimal performance in maritime operations celebrated, with winners securing lifetime notoriety.

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