Navis Report Highlights Need for Improved Technology


According to a new survey, conducted by Navis, technology investments in the maritime industry will increase over the next 12 months.

The inaugural Navis Business Bellwether report, which includes responses from more than 175 industry professionals and executives, found that 90% of respondents would raise technology spending in 2019, including 56% who said the increase will be 6% or greater.

The adoption of new technologies was cited by participants as one of the top three priorities for improving performance, along with improving process efficiency and bettering customer service.

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The survey also revealed the top areas for increased technology spending, which include automation, business intelligence, planning and management systems, big data analytics, and cloud services.

In addition to this, respondents pointed the need for improved collaboration and operational planning across the supply chain, with most viewing the industry’s capacity to share data as needing dramatic improvement.


Credit: Navis Business Bellwether Report


Andy Barrons, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Portfolio Product Management at Navis, said: “The study indicates that their seems to be a dichotomy between the high priority to improve performance and industry health by leveraging new technology, and slow progress to date towards achieving digital transformation.

“We are also seeing that data standardization is needed, and the industry culture and the capacity to share data needs more improvement.”

Dr Leonard Heilig and Prof Stefan Voß discuss how to boost the supply chain through collaboration and interconnectivity in a recent Port Technology technical paper

Mark Wootton, CIO at Yilport, added: “This (data sharing) will continue to improve and evolve. Data sharing within the maritime supply chain has been established and is already mature.

“The criticism may be that it is generally based on outdated technology and protocols and these need to be updated, but the core concepts, message contents and process flows have not changed dramatically.

“Where there is a new need is in the integration of operational technology, sensors/IOT and integrating these into traditional terminal management systems.”

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