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MSC Steps Up Hurricane Relief Effort

msc rescue
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MSC, the second-largest container shipping line in the world, has been helping the Bahamas rebuild after Hurricane Dorian by delivering 200 containers filled with life-saving relief supplies.

Dozens were killed and thousands left homeless after Hurricane Dorian hit the islands in September 2019.

Under a joint initiative with the MSC Foundation, a non-profit organization, MSC enlisted the help of scores of customers and partners to collect donated items that matched the aid requirements outlined by the Bahamian government.

MSC was able to carry thousands of useful contributions such as building materials, generators, tarpaulins, water and food, sanitary and medical supplies to people in the country.

The carrier arranged to warehouse for goods collected in the US and started delivering as soon as Freeport Container Terminal in the Bahamas reopened after the hurricane had passed.

The aforementioned Freeport Container Terminal without Power for a number of days during the hurricane and it was temporarily unable to operate the ship-to-shore gantry cranes.

The response from the MSC Foundation was supported throughout the carrier’s network. MSC UK, for example, connected a British shipper to the relief effort in order to send a 40-foot container of helpful supplies across the Atlantic to the disaster zone.

In a statement, the carrier says it “continues to offer support for the relief and reconstruction of the Bahamas and will work hand-in-hand with the MSC Foundation, which was launched this year to implement a variety of humanitarian, charitable and conservation initiatives, as well as with the Bahamian government.”


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