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MSC acquires new terminal to accelerate trade across Iberian Peninsular

MSC acquires new railway terminal
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Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has acquired the Torrejon railway terminal, Spain, via MEDLOG, its logistics subsidiary, and unveiled plans to transform it into a logistics hub for the growing Iberian market.

The carrier said the terminal’s location makes it an important strategic project and can also accelerate trade between Madrid and ports across the Iberian peninsula.

The acquisition of this new facility is part of MSC’s expansion plan in the peninsula and adds to its offer of logistics platforms, one of them in Cordoba, where the company began operating in January 2020. Unlike other railway facilities, Torrejón railway terminal will be exclusively dedicated to LTF’s and MSC’s customers.

MSC’s logistics hub in Torrejón will not only carry out train loading and unloading operations but will also offer an extensive service for dry and reefer goods, such as storage, goods handling, inland transportation, and customs clearance, among others.

Due to its strategic location, it will also act as a hub for the operations of MEDWAY, the rail operator which is also part of MSC’s cargo business.

In a statement, the carrier said, “The launch of Torrejón railway terminal will enable companies and supply chains in Madrid area to benefit from the combination of MSC’s rail and maritime services to help them meet their business carbon footprint reduction targets.”

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