Motiva Enterprises LLC plans capacity increase at Port Arthur

 21 Jun 2011 03.06pm

  • Motiva Enterprises LLC to increase the capacity of Port Arthur refinery

  • Expansion will see refinery's capacity go beyond 600,000 bpd

Motiva Enterprises LLC are to increase the capacity of its Port Arthur refinery beyond 600,00 barrels per day (bpd), after the Texas facility's giant construction project is completed next year.

The increase from the current capacity of 285,000 bpd will be achieved by an improvement in efficiency at the expanded plant, a source from the refinery told Reuters.

"They'll likely reach 650,000 with de-bottlenecking," a source based at the Texas facility told Reuters.

In January this year, Marathon Oil Corp's refinery on the Gulf Coast announced that just a year after its expansion it had increased its capacity by 28,000 bpd, through de-bottlenecking.

Motiva is in the process of linking units built during the expansion with the existing refinery, according to Reuters. The refinery's new power plant, sulfur unit, coking unit and crude distillation will all be linked accordingly.

Motiva announced in April that the expansion will be completed by the end of this year, so as production can commence in the first quarter of 2012.

Saudi Aramco and Royal Dutch Shell Plc run Motiva as a joint venture, with Shell operating the firm on a daily basis.

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