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Mombassa to Undertake Major Berth Modernization

Mombassa to Undertake Major Berth Modernization

The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) will spend approximately US$193 million to modernize four berths at the Port of Mombasa to handle both container cargo and goods not packed in containers, according to Reuters, which quotes the KPA’s Managing Director.

In an interview conducted at the Port, Daniel Manduku is reported as saying Mombasa is currently undertaking “major expansion programmes” and is trying to be “ahead of the game.”

The investment is part of a growing demand for imported cargo in the region. Most economies in East Africa are growing at an average of 5% every year and annual cargo traffic through the Port is expected to increase from 32 million tonnes in 2018 to 32 million by 2025.

The European Investment Bank and French development agency AFD have offered to part-finance the project, according to Manduku.

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