Microsoft to Launch AI and Blockchain Services


Microsoft has announced the introduction of new tools that will make leveraging technologies such as AI and blockchain easier for a range of different businesses, according to Reuters.

Revealed before its upcoming software developer conference, the company is now said to be focusing more on providing cloud-based computing and software services to other businesses.

One of Microsoft’s new offerings is an AI-powered service that helps online retailers recommend products based on shopping history.

Inna Kuznetsova, Karim Jumma and Peter Spellman, of INTTRA, discuss how AI can power growth in a recent Port Technology technical paper

Scott Guthrie, Microsoft’s head of artificial intelligence, spoke about how the new solution can be combined with a retailer’s existing recommendation engine: “They’re using ours in addition to the existing system they had and seeing some tremendous wins in terms of productivity as part of it.

“I don’t think it’s going to be necessarily always a winner takes all.”



In addition to this, Microsoft will launch a cloud-based blockchain service in collaboration with JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Nadia Hewett, WEF, discusses the integration of blockchain into the maritime supply chain in a recent Port Technology technical paper

According to Guthrie, this system has multiple uses, such as documenting transactions and tracking goods as the move along the logistics chain.

Guthrie added: “That enables them, from a quality control perspective, to dramatically improve the end-to-end supply chain and deliver a better product.

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