Meet a Speaker: Rich Ceci

 15 Mar 2016 10.49am

PTI is proud to introduce Rich Ceci as a key speaker for the Terminal Automation & Training Event to be held in London on June 8, 2016.

You can review the conference here

Rich Ceci is something of an industry guru in port and terminal automation, having led the award winning Global Expansion Project (GEP) for GCT Bayonne in New Jersey. Ceci’s work on the GEP expansion has been heralded for the implementation of advanced technology that significantly improved both productivity and safety.

It was recently announced that Rich Ceci has taken up a new role as Senior Vice President of Projects and Technology with the Port of Virginia.

Mr Ceci will be speaking in two sessions: the first will be 'Automated Decision Making', which will lead on to a discussion about how this can benefit ports and terminals.

The second session that Mr Ceci will be speaking in will be 'Training Operators and Implementation Project Management', which will begin with a presentation from Dr Yvo Saanen on the latest training techniques from TBA, followed by a discussion between Dr Saanen and Mr Ceci.

Read a Technical Paper by Rich Ceci on the GCT GEP

Rich Ceci said of the Terminal Automation & Training Event: “There are a number of ports considering automation. From the outside it appears there is a real lack of awareness on the resources required to implement a successful project. It seems people think you visit a few sites – take some pictures – then start writing checks and everything gets done by itself.

“The reality is that this is still an emerging industry. The economic slowdown in 2008-2010 really had an impact on the evolution of port automation. So while projects like APMT Virginia are 9 years old – the evolution of the technology went to sleep for about 3-4 years.”

The Terminal Automation & Training Event aims to kick-start that evolution once more and Mr Ceci said the audience will benefit from the event because: “They can ask questions from people with experience. The speakers all appear to be disconnected from companies with something to sell. I would advise them to come with very specific questions. The size of constituency of the audience should provide a great opportunity to collect data necessary to plan projects, or validate elements of strategy.”

Rich Ceci joins two previously announced speakers, Senior Analyst of Ports and Terminals Neil Davidson of Drewry, and Dr Oscar Pernia, Senior Director of Product Strategy with Navis.

Rich Ceci concluded: “The speakers at this conference all have extensive experience in the subject matter. It’s rare that you manage to bring together so many experts.”

View our first video teaser of the upcoming terminal training and automation conference below: 

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