Meet a Speaker: Tuomas Saastamoinen


PTI is pleased to announce Tuomas Saastamoinen, a Konecranes figure, as a guest speaker at the upcoming Terminal Automation & Training Conference, which will take place in London, UK on June 8, 2016.

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Tuomas Saastamoinen has been heading the Konecranes, Port Cranes sales and marketing team since 2009 and started with Konecranes in 1993 as a System Specialist for crane maintenance systems.

Mr Saastamoinen believes that there will be two key groups in the audience, with the first being stakeholders who have already been involved in automation projects and the second being those who are thinking of it.

Saastamoinen said: “I hope we could discuss the way forward; how to squeeze the overall implementation (terminal construction) time further. With ½B terminal investment we all should focus on ensuring that the investment starts making money as planned, and as early as reliably possible; automated environment has much more critical interconnected links than a manual terminal. Standardisation helps here, especially with the IT integration.

“When the terminal is up and running the fleet uptime can be improved through better use of data and intelligence – not by focusing on the machines only, but by redesigning the entire service program around the automated environment.

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“This side is still very much following the ‘manual’ world; [there is] huge potential to improve here. We need to benchmark other industries, which already have a history in exercising these more advanced maintenance routines (my colleague Juha Pankakoski will touch this subject).”

For the people considering automation, Mr Saastamoinen hopes to convey the message to these visitors that the technology is truly field-proven and that today’s automation does not need to be that “one huge package.

Saastamoinen continues: “There are plenty of well-functioning automated terminals with extensive amount of experience; all these are unique in a way or another. Plenty of data and learnings are available through various industry experts –and at the events like this.  

“It’s clear that this traditional ‘one huge package’ does not necessarily fit all and may not bring desired productivity benefits by default. However, today’s automation can be applied with [a] modular approach, reducing the time and cost-related risks. “

Saastamoinen concluded: “It can be gradually added to brown field terminals (RTGs) and with different automation levels. Productivity should not be the only parameter when considering automation; better operational predictability and safety, longer equipment lifetime and improved eco-efficiency should all be included in [the] equation when considering the automation investments.”

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