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Major Consortium To Develop European Port

Aerial view of business port with Shore crane loading containers in freight ship.
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A consortium led by Hill International has been awarded  a contract from the Thessaloniki Port Authority in Greece to support major expansion works.

The group is expected to deliver both design and project management services for the expansion project. 

The port, expanding over an area of 1.5 million metres squared, is at the core of the Trans-European Transport Network.

The Port Authority will invest approximately USD $203m to upgrade the port infrastructure. 

The move includes expansion of the marine infrastructure of Pier 6 as well as the construction of a new 440m-long quay wall.

The construction period is expected to last approximately 46 months.

Manolis Sigalas, vice-president and managing director at Hill Southern Europe, said: “The upgrade of the Port of Thessaloniki is an investment of particular significance for the city, but also fostering cross-border synergies in south-east Europe and promoting regional growth.

“This award augments our global port projects portfolio and is reflective of our distinct capabilities in the region. 

“We are truly honoured and together with our partners we look forward to working hard with all stakeholders involved for the project’s successful delivery.

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