Maersk Prepares for Iran Sanction Lift

 06 Jan 2016 04.00pm

The world’s largest shipping line Maersk is waiting for sanctions to be lifted before it begins travelling to Iran, according to Shipping Watch.

Maersk recently attended a delegation in order to commence trading with the country after western sanctions were imposed, with the intention to tap into the country’s oil deposits.

Maersk has said that nothing will happen definitely until the sanctions have officially been lifted.

The news follows a recent announcement that Maersk’s 2M trading partner MSC had recently begun calling at Iran after six years of absence, after striking a deal which entails transporting essential goods.

It was previously reported that Maersk was also looking at investment opportunities in Iran, which includes port operations and container transport.

The Head of Iran Shipping Services has said that it is looking to acquire more than 570,000 TEU of container ship capacity with the US$120 billion that is said to be available to fund ship orders.

Shipping lines may also benefit from the lifting of sanctions as it will enable them to reconnect with a country full of economic potential.

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