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Maersk-IBM Adds ZIM to TradeLens

Maersk-IBM Adds ZIM to TradeLens

Global cargo carrier ZIM Integrated Shipping Services is the latest firm to announce it has joined the TradeLens blockchain shipping system developed by Maersk and IBM.

The ‘blockchain-enabled’ TradeLens was launched by Maersk-IBM in August last year, as a way of making trade more efficient by setting up more secure and transparent sharing of data along shipping supply chains.

Since then, numerous companies and organisations have signed up to the initiative.

Last week Port Technology reported the start of a new TradeLens pilot project involving the Canadian customs broker Livingston International and the Canada Border Services Agency.

In a Port Technology technical paper, TBA's Dr Yvo Saanen articulates 10 Pre-Requisites for Smart Terminals

According to a company statement, ZIM has joined TradeLens as a way of continuing a push towards digitizing processes for greater efficiency and cost savings.

Eyal Ben Amram, chief information officer for ZIM, said: “We are very pleased to join TradeLens as part of our vision to be at the forefront of digital innovation in shipping.”

The company is already promoting digital shipping solutions including a blockchain-enabled electronic Bill of Lading initiative and has invested in the Ladingo e-commerce system, Amram said.

ZIM is now part of a network that includes more than 20 different port and terminal operators claimed by Maersk to have already joined the TradeLens chain, including APM Terminals, PSA Singapore and Port of Rotterdam.

Maersk’s TradeLens leader, Mike White, said: “ZIM will bring a strong ethos of digital innovation to the TradeLens ecosystem and we are thrilled to welcome the company’s team.

“TradeLens has made great progress in transforming shipping processes through technology that enables greater transparency and efficiency.

“What makes the solution so effective is its ability to deliver benefits while still allowing carriers like ZIM and others to maintain their competitive advantages. The more carriers and other ecosystem members that join the platform, the closer we come to bringing about a new era in global trade.”

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