Maersk Freezes Rates After Cyberattack

 13 Jul 2017 10.28am

Maersk Group has restored US service contracts data relating which had been temporarily lost in the recent ‘Not Petya’ cyberattack, but earlier this week rates remained frozen as a precautionary measure, according to

Maersk announced on July 11, 2017 that the data had been reclaimed following false reports the data was still inaccessible citing a US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) public notice.

Maersk corrected the reports, saying it had issued an FMC filing on June 30, 2107 to retain current negotiated container shipping rates as at the time it was "not able to determine which service contracts and/or service contract rates are scheduled to expire at the end of June or in early July."

But in the 11 days between the filing and the publication of the notice, Maersk got the customer data back.

As a precautionary measure, the request still stands with the FMC, however.

APMT facilities are operating as of July 11, 2017, though processes are manual.

An APMT facility at Port Elizabeth on the US East Coast, is not accepting export, hazardous material, or out-of-gauge (OOG) cargo, its Los Angeles facility cannot accept empty container deliveries, and its Maimi Facility at South Florida Container Terminal can only accept refrigerated empty containers.

APMT US facilities in Mobile and Tacoma are reportedly operating normally.

A Maersk spokesperson said: “We do not expect any significant impact to our service contract database or related disruption, but initiated the formal request for relief to ensure compliance while our IT systems continue to come back online.”

The cyberattack temporarily disabled Maersk’s shipping and terminal branches, leading to congestion at some of the 76 terminals run by its APMT business arm in the US, India, Spain and the Netherlands.

Techncial Paper: Detect and Control Cyber Risks

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