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Maersk and DB Schenker Unite on Eco Front

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Leading shipping line Maersk and logistics service provider DB Schenker are cooperating to fight ocean pollution and reduce CO2 emissions.

A partnership was first formed by the two companies in 2014 with the aim of creating more sustainable and environmentally-friendly transportation networks.

As part of their collaboration, a CO2 target was agreed to reduce carbon emissions by 20% per container transported – for DB Schenker’s business with Maersk – from 2014 to 2020.

Bryan Comer examines the path towards zero-emission shipping in a recent Port Technology technical paper

Due to the efforts of Maersk, which has conducted a number of fuel efficiency initiatives, this target has been met two years ahead of schedule.

Mads Stensen, Senior Sustainability Advisor at Maersk, commented: “We’ve been focused on improving fuel efficiency and reducing pollution for more than 10 years now thanks to higher fuel prices and a bigger emphasis being placed on sustainability and low-carbon.”


DB Schenker and Maersk are working together to achieve environmental targets (Credit: Maersk)


Andrea Schön, DB Schenker’s Corporate Climate Protection Manager, added: “We’re on the same page with our carriers and the transportation providers who are striving for higher levels of environmental sustainability and less pollution.

“We work together to hold the flag and are putting our heads together to come up with better fuel products like non-fossil and low sulphur fuel blends.”



The focus has now turned to the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) impending sulphur regulations, which will see a sulphur fuel cap of 0.5% introduced on January 1, 2020.

According to Maersk, it is working alongside DB Schenker to comply with the new regulations and help shippers prepare for the upcoming changes.

In addition to this, DB Schenker is working closely with shippers and carriers that want to operate more sustainable supply chains while also adhering to new regulations.

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