Maasvlakte Create Container Initiative

 12 Mar 2015 10.38am

In a bid to facilitate the exchange of containers at its terminals, Maasvlakte and the Rotterdam Port Authority have been working on an efficient system to transport containers between the various terminals since the beginning of 2014.

The terminals involved in the scheme are APM Terminals (APMT) Maasvlakte II, APMT Rotterdam, Europe Container Terminals and Rotterdam World Gateway.

The purpose of these agreements is to organise inter-terminal transport in Maasvlakte as efficiently as possible in the interests of all links in the supply chain. As a result, it will be possible to deploy different modes of transport for the interterminal transport that will take place via this closed route.

Take a tour of the Maasvlakte II container terminal

Two new container terminals are currently going into operation on the Maasvlakte. As use is made of a closed transport route that links the terminals with each other physically, it is possible to transport containers without documents from one customs area to another.

PTI recently reported on Maasvlakte II developer Dr Yvo Saanen reaching the final three candidates to win Dutch engineering’s biggest prize.

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