LR Classes First Ship “Cyber Safe”

 30 May 2017 11.09am

Korean shipyard Hanjin Heavy Industries has delivered three ships which are the first to be classed with Lloyd’s Register’s notations certifying the autonomous systems onboard as safe from human error.

Three newly-classed ships, including tanker Trammo Dietlin, were built for Global United Gas Carriers, affiliated with Japanese conglomerate Mitsui & Co.

With the certification, the operator meant to minimise human error and ensure the ships were safe and efficient when running in autonomous mode. 

Not only has LR certified the first ships to Cyber AL-SAFE notation, but it has also certified the first ship systems for streaming ship data into a “big data" platform.

All three ships have the notation ShipRight AL-SAFE AL2 — Navigation System, Cargo System and Machinery System as well as the notation  AL3 — Air Handling Unit.   

They use autonomous systems built by Alpha Ori Technology to automate some functions so ships and crew can operate more efficiently.

Parts of the navigation, cargo and machinery systems have been certified AL2, which allows shore-based support staff with instant access to operating data via the cloud to respond to issues quickly.

An air handling unit, that continuously monitors and adjusts operation of fire and gas systems, cargo systems and navigational positioning systems, and keeps accomodation comfortable, has been certified to AL3, which allows for an active human ‘in-the-loop’.

Nick Brown, LR’s Marine & Offshore Director, said: “LR’s innovation, consultancy and assurance teams have performed exceptionally as part of this dynamic project, working with an entirely new product to us and our clients.

"From this point, the degree of autonomy on cyber-enabled ships will only grow and comprise more and more functions and reach higher and higher levels, and thanks to LR's procedures this will be achieved safely.”

Tatsuya Okamoto of Mitsui & Co, said: “It was a matter of great pride for Global United that its vessel was the first ship in the world to achieve this autonomous level of certification.”

Technical Paper: Update: Big Data and its Applications

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