Louisiana port installs next-generation security technology

 03 Jul 2012 03.33pm

  • Greater Lafourche Port Commission & Crescent Guardian integrate new surveillance system

The Greater Lafourche Port Commission, in partnership with national security firm Crescent Guardian, Inc., has installed its advanced video analytics application to accompany its next-generation video surveillance system.

The new surveillance system will allow local, state and federal agencies, including the Harbor Police, Department of Defense and Customs, to receive “as they happen” alerts if anomalous behavior is detected.

According to the Port Commission, the data sharing technology will aid in lowering response times and overall situational awareness during real-time events, placing the port’s security among the most advanced in the nation.

“The Port Commission was pleased to work with CGI to integrate BRS Labs’ video analytics into Port Fourchon’s Video Management System and the GLPC-C4 System,” said the Port Commission’s director of information technology, April Danos.

Crescent Guardian, Inc., a partner security firm of the port, provided the advanced software that could run the new surveillance system for Fourchon’s Maritime Domain Awareness System, or GLPC-C4.

The US Department of Defense supported Port Fourchon's efforts by sharing the DoD-developed capabilities of the Knowledge Display and Aggregation System (KDAS) to serve as the basis for the Port's incident command and control system.

The Greater Lafourche Port Commission’s new system is comprised of Disparate Data Sets, Incident Management, What If? Analysis, CCTV integration, Video Analytics, and Alerting integration. According to the Port Commission, the system will also soon be applied to the port’s Harbor Intrusion Detection System (Waterside Radar).

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